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Tween Girls Dresses

Get the look with Tween Girls Dresses

As your little girl moves towards that age of adolescence, she might start to get more interested in fashion and expressing her own personality.

We’re here to support you and your daughter through that transition through our high-quality range of adjustable pieces – which are specifically made and designed for growing, changing young ladies who are looking for the ultimate in chic.

Choosing the right tween dresses

As your little princess is growing up, it’s becoming harder to choose items for her that she likes and wants to wear. Sound familiar?

Believe us, you’re not alone. Tween girls are going through a time where they are developing individuality, personality and an accompanying sense of style. Throughout this growth spurt, we recommend guiding your daughter towards a range of choices that suit her tastes yet remain age (and budget) appropriate.

All about comfort

Social pressures also mount at this age, meaning your young lady will be looking for clothing in which she feels both comfortable and confident.

Here at A Little Lacey, we’ve made sure that all of our styles for this age are in the most breathable and natural fabrics possible, with a focus on bodice shaping and flattering silhouettes for an evolving body.

Graduation dresses for your tween

While high school graduation is a massive event in Australia, we also know that in recent years the jump between primary and secondary school (when your daughter is around age 12) has become increasingly more celebrated as a coming of age ritual.

We’ve put together a range of graduation dress designs that can be repurposed for any special occasion – whether at school, to a family wedding or on the weekend with friends.

With our signature whimsical, boho and floral touch, we’ve got outfits to make your little princess the belle of the ball and the centre of attention (but only if she wants to be!)

Our range of tween dresses

With sizes up to age 14, A Little Lacey’s range is designed for multi-purpose use – with high-quality finishing sizes to suit your daughter as she grows.

We’re a proudly Australian brand with designs inspired by flora and fauna, as well as the classic fairytales our girls all know and love. With an eye for casual elegance, we hope to create garments that your daughter will love and look back on with fondness.

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