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FAQs about Communion Dresses

What is the dress code for Holy Communion?

Celebrating a little girl's first Holy Eucharist is an exciting and memorable time for every family, and for many that means choosing a beautiful communion dress for the occasion. Little girls participating in their first communion are expected to be dressed appropriately as guided by the specific requirements of their parish. Although each church will have their own individual guidelines, as a general rule communion dresses are modest, white and sleeved. White communion dresses symbolise purity and many parishes will ask the family to consider an age-appropriate outfit that doesn’t distract from the receiving of the sacrament. 

Whether your sweet girl is participating in a Catholic, Lutheran or Anglican ceremony, the guidelines of your congregation will determine the style of her communion dress. For some that may mean exploring communion dresses with specific arm coverings, such as wide straps, capped-sleeves or full-length sleeves. In this case, selecting a communion dress tailored in a soft, breathable fabric will be essential for her comfort, no matter the climate. 

The length of the skirt may also need to be considered, with many parishes preferring a mid-length or tea-length (falling to the ankle), over a maxi-length communion dress. 

At A Little Lacey, we have a considered collection of beautiful celebration dresses that adhere to a wide variety of parish guidelines. Whether the requirement is for formal or traditional dress, or you have the flexibility to explore a more relaxed style, you will find the perfect outfit from our curated collection of magical communion dresses at A Little Lacey.

What is an appropriate First Communion dress?

Each parish will set their own individual guidelines and expectations when it comes to dressing for a First Communion. Typically for little girls, communion dresses that are mid-length, tea-length (to the ankle) or full-length, with a wide, capped or long sleeve are deemed appropriate for the occasion. Communion dresses are almost always white to symbolise purity, and although traditionally more modest, many modern congregations today welcome ornate styles with lace, beading and tulle embellishments. 

There may also be similar guidelines for accessories that pair with communion dresses, and it is a good idea to check these requirements with your church before you start shopping. Stockings, or white socks, and shoes, as well as headwear like veils, headbands and bows, may need to meet the specific rules set by your parish. Whatever the requirements, your precious girl is sure to look devine and feel comfortable and confident in a beautiful communion dress from A Little Lacey.

What do people wear to communions?

When it comes to dressing for a First Communion, the term “Sunday best” rings true. For a lot of guests, this means business or smart-casual. Although the special little girl you are celebrating will be wearing a carefully chosen Communion dress, as an invited guest your role is to respect the modesty guidelines set by the congregation, while also considering the need to be photo-ready! After all, this is an occasion that will be remembered forever. As a general rule, you can’t go wrong with collared shirts and blouses, dress pants, and skirts or dresses that fall below the knee.

For toddlers and little girls, sweet and modest dresses with matching accessories are a lovely way to celebrate their sisters, cousins or friends special day. For tweens, a cotton midi-dress, or skirt-and-top set may be a comfortable and age appropriate choice. For parents of younger babes, adorable baby rompers and baby dresses in cotton, tulle or lace are simply delightful and make for gorgeous outfits that can be reworn again as first birthday outfits, Easter dresses or for other special family occasions.

How much is the average communion dress?

As with any event, each family will have their own comfort level when it comes to setting a budget for their little girl's first communion dress. Communion dresses vary extensively in price, from ornate and elaborate to more modest selections. Some families even choose to follow the tradition of using a family heirloom dress to celebrate their precious girls first Holy Eucharist. At A Little Lacey, we’re parents ourselves and we understand that shopping for communion dresses can be a stressful activity with or without budget constraints. 

It’s for this reason that we have curated a beautiful collection of high-quality, comfortable and importantly, affordable communion dresses. Each communion dress is designed locally in Australia and crafted by our passionate production partners using only the finest and most luxuriously soft lace, 100% cotton and rayon. Our communion dresses are designed to be passed down and reused throughout families, or to be stored away as a keepsake to remember their special day.

What colour do you wear for a First Communion?

Traditionally, little girls' communion dresses are white or ivory. This is said to symbolise purity and innocence, and to act as a reminder of this purity as confirmed during the first Holy Eucharist. White is also seen as a modest choice in communion dresses, ensuring the focus of the ceremony is on the sacrament. 

White communion dresses are of course adorable, resembling mini bridal gowns or princess dresses. Little girls find delight in wearing their special communion dress, especially one that has been chosen specifically for their coming of age celebration. Communion dresses are ideal for reusing time and time again, as flower girl dresses, or for other special family occasions. 

Explore our collection of white communion dresses at A Little Lacey to find the perfect choice for the little girl in your life.