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FAQs about Flower Girl Dresses

What do flower girls typically wear?

Traditionally, flower girls have been adorned to resemble the bride and to coordinate with the bridal party. This has meant that flower girl dresses are typically white or ivory. However, the beauty of modern weddings is the diversity of theme and styling, and so although traditional white, floaty flower girl dresses are still the most common, more alternative colours, styles and silhouettes are rising in popularity. 

Many brides love the look of soft, pastel flower girl dresses in blush pink, lavender or champagne, a pretty palette of delicate colourways that pair beautifully with a host of different bridal party looks. Our flower girl dresses featuring puff sleeves, full skirts and tulle create an enchanted edit that adds magic to the overall style of many different wedding themes. For modern brides, bold, deep colours like navy or plum are lovely for Winter weddings, while bright, vibrant florals are just gorgeous for a beach or destination affair. 

The length of your flower girl dresses should be considered for comfort, style and practicality. Most flower girl dresses are mid-length, tea-length (mid-calf), or full-length. The age of your little ones plays a part in determining the preferred length and silhouette. 

Whatever style you select, you’ll want to complete the adorable look with accessories that enhance your chosen flower girl dresses. In cooler months, a knit cardigan or coat can be all that is needed for a charming princess look with an extra layer of warmth, or adding a flower crown, mini tiara or hair clip from A Little Lacey provides that extra special finishing touch. 

Who usually pays for flower girl dresses?

Every wedding and family is different, and so although there is tradition, the “norm” varies widely. 

In the past, flower girl dresses have been paid for by the parents of the bride and groom. But today, it’s more common for the parents of the flower girl to cover the cost of her outfit. 

Setting a realistic and affordable budget, and selecting flower girl dresses that can be reused after the wedding, can help manage costs. Likewise, choosing versatile accessories to pair with your flower girl dresses will ensure your little ones get the most use out of their special outfits. 

At A Little Lacey, we offer a wide range of beautiful flower girl dresses that are thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted with high-quality fabrics for longevity. Our flower girl dresses are perfect for all kinds of occasions; as communion dresses, special holiday outfits, as princess and fairy dress-ups, or as keepsakes or heirlooms that can be shared throughout families. Our flower girl dresses are consciously delivered to be affordable so that every little girl can look and feel her best on your special occasion.

How much should you spend on flower girl dresses?

We know well that wedding budgets can vary extensively. So when it comes to buying flower girl dresses, it’s important to consider the comfort level of the person covering the cost. Selecting flower girl dresses that are well-made, constructed with high-quality, comfortable and breathable materials, and that offer versatility for life beyond the wedding day, can help to get the most value from your purchase. 

At A Little Lacey, we’re proud to deliver a wide-ranging collection of flower girl dresses tailored with soft and beautiful fabrics, and designed to be cherished for many years. We’re parents ourselves, and so our family business works hard to offer flower girl dresses and accessories that are affordable, while never compromising on quality. It’s with this ethos that we can craft gorgeous, considered designs that meet all budget levels. 

By shopping locally with A Little Lacey, you can enjoy fast and inexpensive shipping from our Sunshine Coast HQ, while supporting a small, family-run business. Explore our range of affordable flower girl dresses, accessories and girl's outfit collections for your next special event. 

How far in advance do you get a flower girl dress?

Planning a wedding or special event is an exciting experience, and many can be forgiven for getting swept up in the fun by ordering flower girl dresses well ahead of time. But as parents, boy do we know how fast kiddies grow. The good news is that at A Little Lacey, we offer express shipping of our flower girl dresses to Australian and New Zealand destinations with same-day-dispatch when you place an order before 12 pm AEST. 

If you are eager to secure your dream flower girl dresses in advance, we recommend doing so no more than 3 months before the big day. It’s important to consider the growth that can happen during that time, and so selecting your flower girl dresses in the next size up can often be a wise move. Luckily, you can’t go wrong when it comes to sizing accessories, so shopping our beautiful range of flower crowns, tiaras, bows and hair clips to complement your flower girl dresses can be enjoyed as soon as a date is set!