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Girls Floral Dresses

Get ready with girls’ summer dresses

As the sun comes out and our days get brighter, we’re bringing smiles to parents and daughters Australia-wide with our gorgeous range of patterns and styles.

If we know one thing, it’s that girls love flowers – dahlias, roses, natural botanicals, you name it! There’s a reason why ‘florals for spring” has become such a popular reference, as these classic prints really do brighten up hearts and designs for ladies of any age.

Bring a little warmth into your life and browse our selection of designs to harness flower power all summer long.

Girls’ summer dresses: A little history of flower power

Here at A Little Lacey, we’re passionate about harnessing the timelessness of flowers as a whimsical motif and symbol of childhood to create gorgeous new styles for any age.

In Western fashion, this look first had its moment in the 16th century, when lace became popular for men and women alike. The European aristocracy used patterns in Venetian and Flemish lace to denote their family allegiance, as well as to express wealth, abundance and prosperity.

Floral designs became a major trend

By the late 17th century, patterned fabrics became more popular with the introduction of Indian printed chintz – and so floral dresses were born, in the form of ‘chemises à la Reine’, a French fashion for court ladies in the period.

Looking at the embroidery on chemises through the 18th and 19th centuries shows that this style didn’t die out, regardless of changes in silhouettes, fabric choices and more.

Our boho chic fabrics were inspired by the widespread popularity of William Morris’ incredible designs in the early 1800s. With this history in mind, we’ve become full converts of the flower power movement and adapted it to make sure our gorgeous princesses look effortlessly elegant, timeless and beautiful with our exclusive range of designs.

Gorgeous summer dresses for girls

Since the 60s, girls can be seen in editorials and photographs in little summer outfits… and no matter the occasion, we think that a LFD (little floral dress) is essential for every stylish little fashionista.

Whether you’re heading to class or the mall, your daughter will look amazing and develop fond memories in her outfits – all it takes is A Little Lacey. Take a look through our collection and order online today.

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