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Enjoy spring with children’s flower crowns

Complete your daughter’s outfit for any party, photoshoot or wedding with our beautiful range of high-quality flower crowns. Fully adjustable and exquisitely crafted using realistic faux flowers, our floral headbands are the perfect tiara, no matter what the occasion.

Choose one of our comfortable and timeless accessories to prepare your little one for flower girl duties – whether at a wedding or playing in everyday life!

A little history of flower crowns

While these floral headdresses have become popular online with bohemian and festival culture in recent years, these have been used for thousands of years as decoration for young women and girls.

In ancient Greece, headpieces of leaves and lilies were used to symbolise power and glory, and they were worn by both women and men. Throughout the rise of ancient Rome, these decorations became symbols of military prowess and were often supported by generals and political leaders.

Towards the end of the Roman Empire, pagan rituals had started to impact the increasingly multicultural traditions of their society, and floral headpieces were used by women celebrating Flora (the Roman goddess of spring), as well as the transition of seasons.

Beyond the Greco-Roman era, flower crowns surged in popularity through their prominence in Renaissance, Baroque and Victorian art. From Botticelli to Frida Kahlo, the use of floral accessories was typically used to represent innocence, youth and ethereal qualities.

Today, these gorgeous accessories are back in fashion for girls and women worldwide. Used to symbolise a fairy-like aura and our relationship with nature, these headpieces have become popular for daily wear, as well as providing an excellent option for something a little extra on special occasions.

Browse our beautiful range online

Here at A Little Lacey, we love to keep up with contemporary trends at affordable prices so little girls nationwide can look incredible without a second thought.

Role models like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Vanessa Hudgens have worn these crowns to events like the Met Gala, Vogue photoshoots, festivals and performances… so we’re letting you and your little ones in on what we think will be the biggest accessory trend with our fully customisable range of offerings.

Floral headpieces and their symbolic history of purity, femininity and beauty are a sure hit, whether they’re paired with a little printed dress and espadrilles or a Lacey creation à la mini Marie Antoinette.

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